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Target New Sign-Ups
Target New Sign-Ups

Quickly create a custom segment and send a unique message

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Is your list adding new subscribers each week? If yes, I have a great tool for you. Send new subs a customized welcome message. Promote a product. Link to a deal. Whatever you want.

Here's the kicker. You can send out a targeted (and reusable) message every couple of weeks to an entirely new group of subscribers with just a few mouse clicks.

Let me show you how.

BTW, tinyEmail has a Welcome Series automation that reaches out to new subscribers. The tool I'm talking about here takes dynamic segmentation and targeted marketing to the next level.

Copying the segment

The first step is to find and copy the New sign-up segment.

  1. Go to the tinyEmail dashboard and click Audience on the side menu.

  2. On the next page, click the Predefined segments tab.

  3. Locate the New sign-up card and click the arrow.

The next page shows all your sign-ups over the past seven days. You can't send a campaign from this page, but I have a workaround.

Click the Save as button to clone the list.

Enter a unique name for this list, and click Save.

On the main page, click the Custom segments tab. Scroll down. You can see the cloned list is now a custom segment.

Sending a campaign

Now here's the cool part. Create (or clone) a campaign. On the Audience page, click the Segments tab. Select the list segment you created by cloning. Complete the workflow as normal.

Two weeks later

Once you have a custom message ready to go, you can clone and send the same campaign to a different group of new subs every two weeks. Remember: the New sign-up predefined segment is dynamic - all the names and emails in that list change about every 14 days or so.

That's it.

Now you know how to create a custom segment of new subscribers and send them a cloned targeted message.

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