Clone a Campaign

Create a copy with a few clicks

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Can I clone a campaign and resend it?

Yes, and yes. Even better, cloning a campaign is remarkably easy.

Cloning a campaign

  1. Log in to your tinyEmail account.

  2. Click the Campaigns link.

  3. Locate a campaign and click the three-dot icon.

  4. Select Clone on the menu.

clone a tinyEmail campaign

tinyEmail adds a new campaign to the list with a new name.

locate the cloned campaign on the list

Customizing a cloned campaign

Click the name of the copied campaign to make changes. On the next page, click Details or Edit to change the name (along with the campaign subject line and preview text). Click the Design tab to open the campaign editor. Complete the workflow by selecting an audience and schedule.

Customize the cloned campaign

That's it.

You've successfully cloned a campaign in tinyEmail.

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