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In this article, I show you three tinyEmail automations that can generate activity at your Shopify store. They are:

  • build social proof on your store

  • stay in contact with new subscribers

  • send a special message to previous buyers: C'mon back!

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Other resources

Did you miss the other article in our email automation series? Hmm, that's too bad.

In that article (which I encourage you to read if you are new to tinyEmail automations), I showed you how to set up email automations and streamline messaging with your Shopify audience. I also showed you how to use two automations: Thank You For Purchase and Abandoned Cart.

Click below to learn more.

Opening the Automations page

Once you've got the Shopify app installed (click here to learn how), come back to your tinyEmail account. Log in and click Automations on the side menu.

Locate an automation and switch on the toggle. Click Preview to see how the message displays (desktop and mobile devices).

  • The templates are pre-formatted. That means the design and layout are fixed -- for now. Adding customization options is on our roadmap.

tinyEmail collects brand and order information (product images and text). Then it dynamically replaces the placeholders with images and inks.

Product Review

Send a gentle request 14 days after an order fulfillment. Ask buyers to post feedback on your Shopify store.

tinyEmail automations product review

Welcome Series

tinyEmail automatically sends this message to every email in a special list called the Welcome audience. You can populate the Welcome audience with a form or use the import tool.

tinyEmail automations welcome series

To protect your list and avoid "over-messaging," tinyEmail only sends this message to emails in the Welcome audience. The Welcome audience is automatically created after you enable this automation.

tinyEmail automations welcome automation results

Win Back Flow

You must have heard this expression (or a variation) before: It's easier to keep an existing customer than get a new one.

So true. That's why we built this automation. Send out a friendly reminder to past customers 30 days after their last order. Invite them to give your store another look. Heck, they bought something before, so they might buy again. Am I right?

How to stop sending

To stop an automation, switch off the toggle. When off, the word Activate displays.

That's it.

I love these automations. I hope they bring you much success.

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