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This question comes up in the tinyEmail support feed from time to time, especially when clients want to export an audience. And it's understandable. For years, you've been grabbing downloads from the bottom of the browser, and then one day, it's all changed - without notice.

Let me help. I'll show you where to find downloads on a few browsers.

Where do I find my downloads on Google Chrome?

When I download an image, Chrome highlights an icon near the top right corner of the page. Click the icon and hover the mouse on the file. Two icons appear. You can open the folder location (on your device) or click the arrow icon to open the file in a new browser tab.

download icon on Chrome browser

Where do I find my downloads on Firefox?

The download location is similar to Chrome. Go to the top right corner and click the download icon. Click the folder icon to open the folder location. Hover the mouse close to the filename and click to open the file in a new tab or app.

download icon on Firefox browser

Where do I find my downloads on Safari?

Similar icon in a similar location. The only difference (on the iPad, at least) is that you can't access the download folder so easily.

download icon on Safari browser

Where do I find my downloads on Edge?

Does anybody use Edge?

That's it.

If you struggled with this niggly puzzle, I hope you found the answer in this article.

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