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Export a tinyEmail Audience
Export a tinyEmail Audience

Download a CSV file of your subscribers

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Can I export tinyEmail and audience? Is there a limit?

The answers are yes and no. Yes, you can export an audience (CSV file). No, there isn't a file size limit.

Exporting a tinyEmail audience

Downloading an audience (as a CSV file) is very straightforward.

1 Selecting an audience

Click Audience on the side menu. A new page displays. Select the audience you want to export. There are several options.

  • At the top of the Audience page, you can select all Unique Subscribers. Optionally, click a tab (Prefined segments or Custom segments) and then select an option (e.g. New Sign Up, New Customers, etc.).

download a tinyEmail audience
  • At the bottom of the page, select an audience name.

export a tinyEmail audience

2 Filtering the data

Filter the data before generating the export file. That's optional. Click the Filter button.

The Columns button changes the table display but does not affect the data in the download file.

filter a tinyEmail audience

Select one or more filter options and click Save.

select a tinyEmail column labels fo the csv

After you click the Export link, a popup displays all the column labels in the CSV. That's a lot of fields. To export a more manageable file size, we auto-selected four fields as defaults (which you can de-select). The other column labels are not selected. Scan the list and check as many boxes as you like. Then click the Export button.

3 Downloading the CSV file

Click the Export button. tinyEmail saves the CSV file to your device. Our team uses Google Sheets to open CSV files because they are easy to read (but you can use another program).

That's it.

Now you know how to export a tinyEmail audience.

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