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Can a scheduled campaign under review be deleted or stopped?
Can a scheduled campaign under review be deleted or stopped?

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Heck no. If a scheduled tinyEmail campaign is under review, it is not possible to delete or stop it until the review process is complete.

tinyEmail campaign monitoring

As per tinyEmail's campaign launch workflow, once a campaign is scheduled to be sent right away or on a future date, our automated message review system monitors the campaign for safe sending practices. We also look for bad links and human errors. This monitoring process can take up to 15 minutes.

When a campaign is in the review queue, you'll see the following notification.

tinyEmail campaign monitoring message

tinyEmail user tips

While under review, here are a few tips to ponder.

  • Get support - If you're wondering about the review, reach out to customer support and ask about the status of your campaign and whether any actions can be taken.

  • Be Patient - In some cases, campaigns are put under review for different reasons. tinyEmail's compliance team might need more time to thoroughly assess the content. It's important to be patient and wait for the review to be completed.

  • Check tinyEmail policies - Review tinyEmail's Terms & Conditions and Anti-Spam policies to ensure your campaign complies with those guidelines. If there are any issues, address them to expedite the review process.

tinyEmail anti spam policy

That's it.

Once the review is complete, your campaign is all set to launch and hit your audience's mailboxes.

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