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How to Contact the Support Team
How to Contact the Support Team

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We love hearing from our customers. No, really!

You see, every time we answer a question or solve a problem, our customers win. They're one step closer to building the store of their dreams. I know this might sound a little old-fashioned and a trifle uncool, but we're in a win-win business. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

That's why our support team is accessible around the clock 24-7. If you have a question, try one of these support channels.

1. Via the chat window inside the tinyEmail product

Click the icon and engage with our know-it-all AI bot or chat with a real, live human.

tinyemail 24x7 technial support via chat window

2. Via the chat window on the tinyEmail website

If you don't have a tinyEmail account, you can still get in touch with us 24x7. Go to the tinyEmail website and click the chat icon.

tinyemail support 24x7 on the website

3. Via email: [email protected]

Yup, old-fashioned email still works wonders.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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