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Hard vs Soft Bounces
Hard vs Soft Bounces

They impact email deliverability in different ways

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Can a contact who has registered hard and soft bounces still receive future emails?

Such a curious question from a tinyEmail client. Let me break it down.

Hard bounces and email deliverability

If an email message generates one hard bounce, then, unfortunately, that person won't receive any more emails. A hard bounce is something like a permanent no entry sign in front of the contact's inbox. Hard bounces usually happen when there's a fundamental issue with the email address, like it doesn't exist, or the domain is blocked.

tinyEmail what is a hard bounce

Soft bounces and email deliverability

If an email message generates a soft bounce, well, there's still hope. That person might receive your emails in the future. But here's the thing: if the email address soft bounces five times, we'll treat it as a hard bounce and stop sending emails their way.

If you ever want to dig deeper and check the bounce history of a particular contact, head over to your tinyEmail Campaigns report page.

Still curious?

Click here to learn more about hard and soft bounces on the tinyEmail platform.

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