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What's the Shopify Pro Plan?
What's the Shopify Pro Plan?

Great news for Shopify merchants looking for better email marketing

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tinyEmail's Shopify Pro Plan is really quite special. And free for Shopify merchants.

The Pro Plan is packed with snazzy Pro features like these:

  • Unlimited subscribers

  • Unlimited custom segments

  • AI subject line assistant

  • And much more

tinyEmail Shopify app

Yes, it's a freebie app (for Shopify merchants), but it comes with a generous limit of 1,000,000 email sends per month—more than enough for most store owners.

If you're dreaming big, visit our pricing page or send us a DM and ask about a custom plan.

Let the email extravaganza begin! 🚀✉️ #ProPlanMagic

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