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How do I find my send limit?
How do I find my send limit?

Scroll down the dashboard

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tinyEmail pricing depends on the number of messages you can send out each month. So, you might be wondering how to find your current send total and plan limit.

That's easy. ​

tinyEmail Shopify app

If you're running the tinyEmail app on your Shopify store, scroll down the dashboard and click the i icon. A popup window displays the number of sent messages this month and your plan limit.

add tinyEmail to your Shopify store

​For our other wonderful tinyEmail clients

Go to the bottom of the dashboard. A small box just above the account icon shows your total for the month and plan limit.

check your tinyEmail send total

Are there any hard limits?

Currently, we don't allow users to set a hard limit. But fear not! You'll see notifications on the tinyEmail dashboard well in advance. There's a message that tells you when you're approaching the limit and another in case of an overage.

tinyEmail marketing email plans

That's it.

Now you know how to find your email totals.

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