Clean Up Your Shopify List

Manage spam, bounces, unsubscribers, and subscribers

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Cleaning up your Shopify integration list in tinyEmail is a bit tricky, but it can be done. Read on to discover the tinyEmail workaround.

Spam, bounces, and unsubs oh my

After sending a campaign, you might see some bounced messages, spam, or unsubscribed emails. You really don't need to do anything. tinyEmail won't send messages to any of those addresses again, thanks to our system flagging them.

Cleaning your Shopify audience

This step is optional, but some folks like to work with a clean list.

Admittedly, this procedure is a bit manual. That's because you can't use the tinyEmail app to directly delete anything in a Shopify list. That's a Shopify rule. So, you need a workaround.

  1. Open the tinyEmail Audience page.

  2. Select the Shopify list (look for the Integration tag) used for the campaign.

  3. Optionally, add a filter (e.g. spam, bounced, etc.).

  4. Export the file.

  5. Open the file and locate the email address(es) you want to remove from the Shopify audience.

โ€‹Next, go to your Shopify admin dashboard and click Customers in the side menu. Manually select the email addresses you want to remove (the ones in the Export file) and delete them.

Deleting these messages manually ensures they are removed from Shopify and, upon the next sync, from tinyEmail, too.

That's all.

Now you know how to clean your audience list.

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