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Split a tinyEmail LTD Account Bought on AppSumo?
Split a tinyEmail LTD Account Bought on AppSumo?

The short answer is yes

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Is it possible to split a tinyEmail LTD account bought on AppSumo into separate accounts for different companies and set their limits?

Here's a scenario. You're running multiple businesses and want to maintain distinct email identities and share email credit limits. It sounds tricky, but we do have a solution.

A tinyEmail solution

Yes, you can split email credits between different accounts. That's good for you because you can assign credits according to the needs of each business and preserve brand identity.

Now, you might be wondering:

  • Do I set hard limits for each account, or is it possible to dynamically share the limit between those accounts?

  • Is it possible to not divide the limit and use the total limit dynamically between accounts?

Good questions. Currently, our backend isn't set up for dynamic limits. What we can do on the backend is divide the total limit and assign hard limits to each account. If you need to adjust the limits down the road, let us know. We can make the changes manually.

Splitting a tinyEmail LTD account requires direct assistance from the tinyEmail customer support team. Click here to learn how.

Managing multiple accounts just became a breeze, ensuring your businesses shine with their individual brand identities.

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