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This article shows you how to add Preview Text to a campaign. Preview Text is a tiny piece of digital real estate that displays in your readers' inboxes. It's near the email subject line and, when optimized, communicates a clear benefit that inspires readers to open your message.

FYI Do a little research, and you might find estimates that suggest open rates increase from 8% to 45% if you add powerful preview text.

Adding preview text to a campaign

If you're creating a new campaign:

  1. Click Campaigns on the side menu.

  2. Click the Create campaign button.

  3. Select Email campign.

On the next page, go to the Preview text field and enter your inspiring message. Edit the campaign (if you want). Otherwise, just click Save and continue creating the campaign.

tinyEmail add preview text to a new campaign

Existing campaign

If you're adding preview text to an existing campaign that hasn't been sent yet:

  1. Open the campaign.

  2. Click the Details tab and then click Edit.

  3. Add or update preview text as described above.

  4. To send a text message (see below), click the Design tab.

tinyEmail add preview text to a scheduled campaign

Testing the message

You can send a test message to see how the preview test displays inside an Inbox (optional but recommended).

  1. Go to the top of the editor.

  2. Click Send test.

  3. Enter an email address and click the send button.

  4. Open the email account and locate the test message.

a good example of effective email preview text

The custom preview text (see above) really pops in the inbox. It's easy to scan and displays a clear benefit to the reader. The default preview text (see below) runs off the field and, depending on the copy, might not grab the readers' attention inside a crowded Inbox.

a bad example of preview text in the inbox

That's it.

Now you know how to add or edit campaign message preview text.

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