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Add an Unsubscribe Link
Add an Unsubscribe Link

Avoid spam problems with a custom link

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Over time, subscribers leave the list. That's just a part of the business we're in. It's also a good thing because we want to focus resources on solid prospects or folks who love what we do or sell. So, why not make unsubscribing as pain-free as possible?

That's why I'm delighted to show you how to add a custom Unsubscribe link to your campaign templates.


Before you begin, make sure you know how to use the tinyEmail editor and customize a campaign template.

Getting started

I'll show you how to place an Unsubscribe link at the top of a template. You can add the link anywhere you fancy.

Open a campaign template in the editor. You can create a new campaign or select an existing one. Go to the side panel and expand the Structures folder. Drag a structure to the canvas.

drag block to the tinyEmail message editor canvas

Hover the empty structure and click the Text icon.

add text to the tinyEmail message editor block

Click the block and enter text for the link. I'll type Unsubscribe and use the toolbar to add formatting (e.g. center the text) and styling (e.g. change the typeface and font size).

use the toolbar to format the tinyEmail message

Adding a link

Now, add a hyperlink that unsubscribes the contact. Highlight the text in the structure and then click the Change Link icon in the toolbar.

hghlight teh text link in the tinyEmail message block

Go to the side panel and locate the Link block.

  1. Click the drop-down menu and select Other.

  2. Write or paste this exact text into the empty field (include the square brackets, all caps, and underscore): [UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK]

add a URL to the unsibscribe link

Testing the link

Go to the top of the editor and click the Send test link.

send a test message

Enter a test email in the popup window.

click the send test email button

Open the message in the test email account and click the Unsubscribe link. A new browser tab opens with the Unsubscribe button.

test the email unsubscribe link

That's it.

Now you know how to add a custom Unsubscribe link to a campaign template.

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