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Use the tinyEmail AI assistant to edit and improve campaign text

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Writing copy for campaigns just got a bit easier, thanks to tinyEmail's AI writing assistant. This handy tool looks at the copy inside a text block, crunches the algorithm, and then comes up with options to say it differently - longer, shorter, friendlier, and more. There's also a grammar checker. Plus, creative freedom is built into the AI writing support tool. You can accept the AI suggestion in full, use parts of it, or ignore the AI altogether.


Before you get started, make sure you know how to create and send a campaign. If you're not sure, click here to learn how.

Getting started

Open a campaign in the editor. You can create a new one or select an existing campaign. Go to the canvas and select a text block. The AI Writing Support tool displays in the side panel. Click the Launch AI button to open a menu of options.

tinyEmail use AI to write copy

Using the tool

Now, you're ready to explore AI-generated options. The AI writing support tool comes pre-loaded with seven prompts. Each prompt changes the words in the selected text block in a different way (e.g. translate, shorter, etc.). See below for details.

Custom prompts

You can also enter a unique command into the blank prompt field. Try any idea from creative to crazy.

  • In the screenshot below, I entered a simple prompt to capitalize every word. Then I clicked the Send to AI button. Presto. The revised text appears in the text box (inside the AI response tab).

tinyEmail write AI rules for email message copy

Pre-loaded AI prompts

  • Fix Grammar - A handy tool to spell-check your work and catch subject-verb agreement errors.

  • Make shorter - The AI looks for ways to express the same idea with fewer words. A great way to tighten your copy.

When the AI is engaged, tinyEmail displays two tabs on the text block. One tab shows the original copy, and the other shows the most recent AI version.

click a tab to see the original version of the copy
  • Make longer - When the words fail, ask the AI to beef up your copy and add something special.

  • Translate - Click the tab, select a language, and instantly translate the text into your preferred language.

use AI to translate email message copy
  • Change Tone of Voice - Add a new twist to the old copy.

use AI to change tone of words in email copy
  • Explain it as an Expert - Less spin and more facts.

  • Add emojis - Inject a splash of colour and humour.

Saving changes

When you find a version that you like, click off the text block. That closes the AI writing support tool and saves the text changes. Now, you're ready to update a new text block.

Wrap up

When the editing is done, complete the workflow to preview, schedule, and send the campaign.

That's it.

Now you know how to use tinyEmail's AI assistant to save time, generate ideas, and write better copy.

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