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Does tinyEmail Support Crypto Payments?
Does tinyEmail Support Crypto Payments?

Can I use a coin to pay for my subscripton?

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No, sorry. We don't accept crypto payments or transactions from any non-traditional network, blockchain, or DeFI platform.

Sure, some SaaS companies accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. It's also true that many do not. We looked at crypto as a payment option, but we don't have an appetite for that much risk. For example:

  • High Volatility - Cryptocurrencies are famous for price volatility. Those wild swings might be good for some investors, but they could negatively impact our subscription pricing.

  • Regulatory Uncertainty - The regulatory landscape is, how do I say politely, uncertain. Regulations are evolving and vary by country. Plus, there are legal and compliance dimensions that need to be managed. In the grand scheme of things, the risk-reward ratio just isn't there for us.

  • Integration Challenges - Integrating cryptocurrency payment gateways is technically challenging and requires complex infrastructure and systems.

Wrap up

tinyEmail only accepts credit cards as a payment method. We aim to add more payment options in the near future.

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