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Let's say you want to add information to some of the records in an audience. What's the best way to update that data? There are two options: one-by-one edits and batch edit.

One by one edits

Use this option if you have a couple of records to update.

  1. Log in to your tinyEmail dashboard and open an audience.

  2. Locate the record to update and click the three-dot icon.

  3. Click Edit.

tinyEmail batch edit an audience

Scroll through the Edit panel, make the changes, and then click Save. Repeat the steps for each record that needs an update.

tinyEmail add tags to subscribers

Batch edit

Batch editing saves time if you have to edit multiple records.

  1. Open the audience you want to update.

  2. Click the Export button. tinyEmail downloads a CSV file to your device.

batch edit a list with improt tool

Edit the file and save the changes. Come back to tinyEmail.

  1. Click the Import button.

  2. Select the updated CSV file on your device.

  3. If prompted, for each field, confirm mapping or click Ignore.

  4. Go to the bottom of the page and click Review.

batch edt a list and click the import button

Note Normally, you'd click Ignore because you're not collecting data in that column (e.g. Total Opens). If you click Ignore, but the field has new data, tinyEmail won't upload that revised information.

On the Review page, confirm changes and optionally make new ones. For instance, in the screenshot below, I add Canada to the first cell and then drag down the corner to fill the cells in the selected area.

  1. Click Continue when finished.

  2. Click Yes on the confirmation popup window.

  3. Click OK to close the window,

edit a column in the import file

The audience list shows the updates to the Country and Tags columns.

upated batch edit csv file

Caution If you accidentally delete information in a cell and then upload the CSV file, tinyEmail treats that change as an update and removes any information in that cell from the audience record.

Similarly, if you change the data in a cell and then upload the CSV file, the new information overrides and replaces the previous information in the same cell.

In both cases, there is no Undo function for the Import file task. For that reason, I suggest that you save the original CSV file (with a different file name) as a backup before starting any Import job.

That's it.

Now you know how to batch edit audience records.

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