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Use a filter to find past work

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Sometimes, the volume of data email marketers manage can be overwhelming. Thank goodness for filters. That's especially true when you want to revisit a campaign that you drafted or sent days, weeks, or even months ago. Let me show you how.

Opening a campaign filter

  1. Log in and click Campaigns on the side menu.

  2. Click the Year to date field.

  3. Select an option.

tinyEmail email campaign filter

tinyEmail displays the results in a table. You can export the data (CSV file) and change the display order in the table.

export the data or change the display order in the table

Setting a custom date range

If you select Custom, tinyEmail displays two calendar fields. Click the fields to set the start and end dates of the range (maximum 24 months in the past).

tinyEmail custom filter

That's it.

Now you know how to use a filter to find campaigns.

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