Frequently Asked Questions for Shopify businesses

As some responsible for a new or established Shopfiy store, I am sure you have a number of questions that you need answered before you decide to move to TinyEmail. Here, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions and give you an idea of what it's like to have the power of TinyEmail supporting your business growth.

1. What is TinyEmail and how is it different from others?

TinyEmail was created by marketers and business owners such as yourself because we felt the current generation of marketing tools were counter intuitive, expensive and took more time to get them working than to actually have them working for your business. TinyEmail is designed from the ground up to get to marketing your store

  • TinyEmail integrates natively with your Shopfiy store: Which means you can run your entire email marketing campaigns without ever having to leave the Shopfiy store. This is a massive time-saver.

  • TinyEmail automatically fetches your brand: We auto-detect your brand style and tailor templates and content modules according to your style, saving you time and money.

  • Plug & Play automation: We believe automation should be automatic, if building automation itself takes you days and a data scientist, it defeats the purpose. That's why we have prebuilt automation series that you can turn on in a click.

2. I have a new Shopify store, how can TinyEmail help me?

When you have a new store, speed of go-to-market, cost and kickstarting your audience growth are the most critical things. TinyEmail helps you start with a very economical price plan or free. Our easy to use and implement forms, fly-in's and popups make it possible for you to quickly grow your audience, and our hundreds of stunning email templates make sending out your first campaign effortless.

3. I have an established business, how can TinyEmail help me?

We have built seriously powerful dynamic content, interactive email capabilities, seamless personalization and automation features that generates incredible ROI:

  • Dynamic and interactive emails: Add interactive components to your emails such as countdown timers and dynamic product cards, AMP modules like forms and videos within the email, and expiring coupons.

  • Powerful data-driven personalization: Prebuilt and custom segments based on subscriber data such as LTV, past purchased product, purchase amount, last purchased date and more.

  • Plans that works for you: Pay for the volume of emails you need and not how many contacts you have. This allows you to be economical with your costs while having your entire audience handy.

4. Can I easily migrate to TinyEmail?

We have built one-click migration tools for many popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp and others which imports all your subscribers automatically. Does all your store and subscriber information reside in Shopfiy? Our powerful integration brings in all your data without you ever having to manually do anything.

5. How does TinyEmail integrate with my Shopify store?

TinyEmail integrates natively with Shopfiy using the latest API. This ensures all your store data, purchase information, subscribers and customers are automatically synced periodically. Which means all the data you need to successfully market to your audience is always ready for you.

6. What kind of store data can TinyEmail use for personalized marketing?

You can personalize your marketing campaigns using purchase information, abandon cart information, subscriber data such as location, and when they subscribed to you and any other custom information you have collected.

7. How much does TinyEmail cost?

TinyEmail has plans that suite businesses of all sizes - from a brand new store to an established business making significant revenue. You start with a 30 free trial after which you can choose any of our paid plans that start from as low as $15/mo for unlimited subscribers or use our free-forever plan. See detailed pricing here.

8. Can I automate my emails?

Yes, TinyEmail comes with prebuilt automation series like abandon cart emails, thank you and welcome emails, browser abandonment and more at the click of a button.

9. What about support?

Every TinyEmail customer no matter what plan they are on gets access to phone, email and chat support.

10. I am ready, how do I start?

Add the TinyEmail app from the Shopfiy app store to get started and use TinyEmail within the Shopfiy interface. Alternatively, head over to TinyEmail signup to create a new account.

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