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Guide to Migrating from Campaign Monitor
Guide to Migrating from Campaign Monitor

Sync subscriber data with tinyEmail

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Use our built-in integration to streamline the migration process and sync Campaign Monitor data to your tinyEmail account.

Integrate with Campaign Monitor

Log in to your Campaign Monitor account. From the main dashboard:

1. Go to Profile → Account settings

2. Generate a new API key

Click the API keys link and then generate a new key. Copy the new API key.

3. Enable the integration

Head over to your tinyEmail account, and click Integrations on the side menu. Click the Email providers menu tab and then click plus (+) icon for Campaign Monitor.

Go to the top of the screen and switch on the toggle to activate the integration.

Paste the API key into the field and then click Apply.

Voila! Your contacts will now be imported into tinyEmail.

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