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Time saver alert!

tinyEmail has a (growing) library of prebuilt forms you can use on your favorite websites. We've got oodles of options for embedded, popup, and flyout forms.

They're all ready to use right now. If you prefer, add customizations or your branding content.

Opening the prebuilt page

Log in to your account, click Forms on the side menu, and then click the Prebuilt menu tab.

  • Click the My Forms tab to see your previous forms.


Feeling overwhelmed by the number of prebuilt options? Narrow the list.

You could click the Filter button and display forms according to their pre-assigned business area tags. Check a box to enable a tag.

Or, you could go to the right side of the page and filter the options according to form type (i.e. Embedded, Popups, FlyOut, or Favorites).

Adding a favorite

To favorite a form, pick a prebuilt option and click the star in the top right corner. Favorites have a yellow star. Use the Type field to display your favorite forms.

Using a form

Each form has a name and menu. Hover the name to display a menu with two options:

  • Click Use to launch the form-building workflow.

  • Click Preview to look at the template before starting the workflow.


After you select a prebuilt option, follow the workflow, which is just like any form (which we document here).

  1. Select a form.

  2. Enter a name and audience.

  3. Customize. (optional)

  4. Add your domain. (required)

  5. Save and publish.

  6. Copy and paste the code to your site.

  7. Test and tweak.

Enjoy tinyEmail prebuilt forms!

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