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If you have an online store, this feature is for you.

Quickly create high-impact product cards that grab reader attention with just a few clicks. Our mobile responsive modules squeeze essential product information into a compact digital footprint with links back to your store.

  • BTW These über cool modules are only available if you're on a paid plan (Standard or Pro).

tinyEmail product cards

Here's how.

Adding a module

Open a template, go to the side menu, and click the Modules tab. Then click the Prebuilt Modules tab, and scroll down to the Product cards heading.

There are several options, each offering a different card layout. Choose a module and drag it to the canvas.

tinyEmail add email modules

Linking to a product

The next step is to link a prebuilt product card to an item in your online store.

Before you start, go to your store and copy the URL for the product you want to profile in the email template. In this example, we pull product information from the Toys R Us website.

  1. On the canvas, click a product card and then click the Smart Container tab to make it the active layer.

  2. Go to the side menu and make sure the Data tab is selected.

  3. Click the Configuration tab.

  4. Make sure the URL tab is selected.

  5. Paste the product URL into the field.

  6. Click the Get values icon.

A few seconds later, the fields in the product card display your product image, name, description, and price.

tinyEmail add email modules link

Reviewing the information

Go to the canvas and carefully check the product information. Sometimes, the product card can't populate a field with the correct data. In these situations, you can manually enter the information.

  • In the example below, the product card loaded the product image, description, and name correctly, but the price was wrong.

tinyEmail preview email

Adding data manually

To edit or update product card information, click the card on the canvas to make it the active layer. Go to the side menu and click the Appearance tab.

Locate the field (or fields) you want to update and change the information. Any change you make here automatically appears on the product card.

tinyEmail add email modules appearance tab


You can display an old price and a new price. That's optional. If you want to display a single price, fill in the p_price field and leave the p_old_price field blank.

That's it!

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