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Get started with sending AMP Emails with tinyEmail

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Are you ready to send emails with interactive AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) components?

Well, hold your horses.

Let me explain.

Here at tinyEmail, we give you the tools you need to create and send emails with interactive carousels and accordions powered by AMP. The problem is you need to do some leg work before your readers can experience this modern app functionality in an email.

  • You need to get your sending email address (the email address you use to send messages from your tinyEmail account) whitelisted by the major email clients.

  • Plus, we need to authenticate your sending domain. I know it's an extra step, but we got to keep the spammers out. Read this article for details about authentification.

If you're not whitelisted, the AMP components in your emails won't display.

Research says ...

Based on our research, only four email clients (Gmail, Yahoo,, and FairEmail) support AMP messages.

That's a rather narrow list. Now here's the rub. You have to apply to each email client and get your sending email address whitelisted.

  • In other words, you hope these clients actually read your application and then approve your request to send AMP components in your email messages.

How to apply

Click a link below to read the AMP guidelines and requirements for each email client. They're mostly the same for each client.

Preparing your Gmail account

Here's some additional information that you might need when once you're OK'ed by Google to send AMP test messages

Make sure your Gmail account can process AMP content. Log in to your Gmail account and:

  1. Click the Gear icon (Settings).

  2. Click See all settings.

  3. Make sure the General menu tab is selected.

  4. Scroll down to the Dynamic email heading and click Developer settings.

confirm gmail seetings

On the next page, check the box and enter the address you use to send tinyEmail (the one whitelisted by Google).

whitelisted by google

Good luck!

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