How to Add a Prebuilt Footer

Save time with ready-to-go modules

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Our prebuilt footer modules are a real timesaver.

Just drag and drop a module to the canvas, add a few personal touches, and presto - you've got a new digital space for engaging content that gives readers another reason to click.

Here's how.

Locating the footer modules

If you're on a paid plan (Standard or Pro), tinyEmail has a nifty collection of footer modules (which is growing all the time). There are two ways to access the collection.

First, open a template and go to the side menu. Click the Modules tab and then the Prebuilt Modules tab. Now scroll down to the Footers heading.

  • FYI If you know the name of the module (or its unique tag), you could enter that word into the search bar.

open the Prebuilt Modules tab

The second option is to use a filter.

  1. Click the Modules tab.

  2. Click the Prebuilt Modules tab.

  3. Click the filter icon.

  4. Scroll down to Footers.

  5. Hover the mouse and click only.

The side panel displays our footer modules.

side panel shows footer modules

Adding a footer

Finally, drag a footer module to the canvas. Customize the content, adjust the style, add links, and more.

look at footer module

That's it!

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