How to Use Version History

Restore a previously saved template

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In this article, I show you how to find and restore an earlier version of an email template.

Luckily, I don't need this time-saving tool all the time, but once in a while, the restore feature really does save the day (especially when I'm rushing to meet a tight deadline on a Friday afternoon).

Here's how it works.

You probably know that tinyEmail auto-saves your work. tinyEmail also keeps a log of each saved template. The log goes back to the day and time when the template was created and shows every saved version to the present.

Opening the version history

To see that log, open a template in the editor. Next, go to the top left corner of the page and click the clock icon. Then click Version history.

tinyEmail email see version history

Viewing restore options

When the Version history menu displays, you can see the current version (at the top) and all the previous versions.

To display a previous version without committing to it, simply click an option one time. Do NOT click the Restore button yet.

Review the template in the main window. To see another option, click a different version.

tinyEmail email see version history list

Restoring a previous version

Once you find the correct version, click the Restore button. tinyEmail replaces the current version with the selected older one.

Change your mind? Use the keyword to quickly undo the action (Ctrl-Z on Windows, Command-Z on a Mac). You could also open the version history and restore the most recent version.

That's it!

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