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How to Place a Countdown Timer in Your Email
How to Place a Countdown Timer in Your Email

Motivate action with a sense of urgency

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Countdown timers are a great way to tell readers a deadline is approaching and also nudge customers to take action with time-based scarcity. Our Timer block is easy to deploy and even easier to customize.

add tinyEmail timer

Adding a timer

Open a template and select a structure. On the side panel, drag the Timer block to the structure.

On the side panel, go to the calendar to select a date. tinyEmail uses that date as the endpoint (i.e. zero hour) for the timer.

tinyEmail add a timer to a template
  • Use the clock and time zone picker to set a specific end time.

set the day and time

Customizing the display

Scroll down the side panel to access customization tools. Change the font size and typeface. Use the picker to set the background color of the timer.

Two separate toggles enable or disable the day and label (e.g. hours) display. If you enable label display, use the language picker to change the default English setting.

customize timer display


tinyEmail uses a colon to separate sections of time. That's the default setting. You can use a different separator, like a dash.

Time over

What happens when time runs out? Well, you could display an image to let readers know when a timed offer expires. This removes uncertainty and frustration if, for instance, a customer tries to use an out-of-date discount code.

Switch on the Expired timer image toggle and upload a picture.

tinyemail time over


Here's an example from McDonald’s. This elaborate image lets subscribers know the game is over.

tinyemail McDonald's time over

Display area

On the side panel, just below the Link section, customize the timer display area. Change the alignment inside the container or adjust the container size. Use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the container's width and height. Switch on the toggle to automatically set the container to the full width of the screen.

set timer dimensions

Advanced settings

Switch on the Advanced settings toggle to access granular control over the timer. Optimize the template for retina screen display, change the case of labels, and customize the color of every element in the timer. Scroll down a little further, and you can even change the color of each separator.

set timer settings

Final thought

Time-based scarcity can be an effective tool for improving conversions when used in conjunction with a marketing campaign that sends the right message to the right audience.

When developing an email message with a timer, we suggest three principles. Keep the timer above the fold, place the CTA button near the timer, and have a clear offer.

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