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Measure Shopify Sales Conversions from tinyEmail
Measure Shopify Sales Conversions from tinyEmail

Know the true ROI of your marketing efforts by seeing how many people visited your Shopify Store and purchased.

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tinyEmail can not only connect natively with your Shopify store, it automatically creates branded templates for you, pulls in your data and by default setups up tracking so you can understand the true ROI of your marketing efforts.

Here's how to measure Shopify sales conversions from tinyEmail

1. Understand how tinyEmail does auto-tracking

tinyEmail appends default UTM codes to every hyperlink you add to your email. To enable this, toggle ON here. Default UTM parameters are as follow: utm_source=tinyemail, utm_campaign=[your_campaign_name], utm_medium=email

For auto-tracking your traffic and sales on your Shopify store that come from tinyEmail, we recommend leaving auto-tracking on while sending a new campaign.

Now that you sent a campaign with links to your store, let's see how you can track sessions and conversion on Shopify.

2. How to view traffic sessions coming from tinyEmail

Log in to your Shopify account and head over to Analytics > Dashboard. From here, click on any of the reports, such as the Online store sessions report.

Ensure that UTM parameters are enabled in the column settings. If not, click on Edit columns and check the UTM campaign medium, name and source.

Once enabled, you will see the visitor sessions coming from tinyEmail in the list.

3. How to view sales conversions coming from tinyEmail

Similar to the sessions reports, you can also view all the sales and other conversions on your store that come from tinyEmail. When you receive an order, scroll down an order's Conversion summary block.

Among the session details that lead to the conversion, you will find a section for UTM Parameters where you will see which campaign the sale came from.

That's all! Now you can measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns all across the funnel, starting from store visits, all the way to subscriptions and sales. 🎉

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