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Upload an audience file to tinyEmail
Upload an audience file to tinyEmail
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Manual data imports just got a lot less manual. No more CSV exports and dealing with upload errors. Our AI-assisted bulk import tool automatically matches, finds duplicates and detects other errors.

Here's how to go about uploading an audience file into tinyEmail.

Upload your file

Navigate your way into the tinyEmail dashboard and to your Audience page from the lefthand side navigation panel. Click on the Add audience dropdown menu and select "Upload File".

You can upload any .csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .txt file with any set of columns as long as it has 1 record per row. The next step will allow you to match your spreadsheet columns to the right data points. You'll be able to clean up or remove any corrupted data before continuing.

Give your audience and name and click on Continue. On the next screen, browse your computer or drag and drop a file on this screen to upload your file.

Once the upload is complete, select the right sheet in your file and click on Continue.

2. Confirm headers and map fields

After you have selected the worksheet you want the upload wizard to work on, we take care of the rest. Once the operations are over, we'll ask you to confirm the header row and map the data into tinyEmail fields.

While our AI-assisted system reads the data format you uploaded and matches them against several standards, we detect and highlight any potential errors we find in your data upload.

3. Fix errors if any

Here you will be able to fix any of the detected errors and warnings that the upload wizard detects in your upload. Duplicates, incorrect data formats and inconsistent information is automatically detected and highlighted.

You can filter the upload result by failures and changes you apply to make any data cleanup significantly easier.

4. Confirm upload and use your audience

Once you are done cleaning up the data, you can proceed with completing the upload. You will find your freshly uploaded data in your Audiences page tagged as "manual". You can now use this audience for your campaigns. Click on the audience to see its individual subscribers and engagement data once you start using the audience.

Your manual data import is complete! We are constantly adding more ways for you to ingest your business data into tinyEmail so you can message your audience seamlessly from one platform. Stay tuned for more.

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