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Upload an Audience File to tinyEmail
Upload an Audience File to tinyEmail

Bulk importing subs has never been easier

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Manual data imports just got a lot less manual. Our AI-assisted bulk import tool automatically matches labels and detects errors. This must-try time saver is an essential tool if you have dozens, hundreds or perhaps thousands of records to import into a new or existing tinyEmail audience.

A different article shows you how to add subscriber records to a new or existing audience manually. This is a good option if you have a small number of records to import. Click here to learn more.


Uploading records to a new audience

This step shows you how to bulk upload records to a new audience with a CSV file.

Go to the tinyEmail dashboard and click Audience on the side menu. Click the Add new button and select Upload file.

You can upload a CSV file (maximum file size 10 MB) with any number of rows as long as each row has one record. No other file formats (e.g. txt) are accepted.

In the popup window:

  1. Enter a unique name for the new audience.

  2. Check the box to confirm that you have permission to send email messages to these contacts.

  3. Click Continue.

Creating records

Download the sample CSV file from the Upload new audience popup window. You could use Excel to open the CSV file (and convert the data to save the column structure), but honestly, it's a whole lot easier to use Google Sheets.

  1. Open Google Sheets and use the Import feature to load the CSV file from your device.

  2. Add records to the sheet. Each row is one record. Be sure to enter a value for each required field. (see below)

  3. Rename the file. (optional)

  4. Download the file to your device as a CSV (File > Download > CSV).

Required fields

Here are the required fields. Each field must have a value.

  • Email

  • FirstName, LastName

  • Source

  • Currency

  • Country, City, Address 1, Address 2

  • Company

Uploading the file

On the Bulk Add Customers page, click the Upload data from file button. Locate the CSV file on your device and import the document. tinyEmail uploads the records. Now, you're ready to map fields.

Mapping fields

The next page displays a table for each column in the CSV file. Each table has a data label (e.g. Email) and three sample records (e.g. email addresses). Your job is to confirm the content in the table (e.g. email addresses) matches the column label (e.g. Email).

  • If the content matches the label, click the Confirm mapping button.

  • If the content does not match the label, click the label field and select the correct label on the drop-down menu.

Repeat the steps for each table (e.g. First Name, Last Name, etc.). When the mapping work is complete, click the Review button at the bottom of the page.

Fixing errors

The next page shows your records and errors, if any. The AI looks for duplicates, incorrect data formats, and inconsistent information and highlights the cells. Hover the mouse on a highlighted cell to see the error.

  • To filter the table, check the box to show rows with errors.

Some errors (like a badly formed email address or missing address) can be fixed directly on this page. Double-click a cell and change the value (or add a missing value).

Some errors cannot (like a duplicate record) be fixed on this page. In those cases, click the X in the corner to close the window, go back to the CSV file, and fix the errors. Upload the file again and restart the import process.

Optionally, click the Upload Rows Without Errors button. You can create a new audience and upload the records without errors. Complete the import later by adding the repaired records to the newly created audience.

When the records are error-free, the AI displays the All rows pass validation! message. Click the Upload button.

Confirming the upload

To see the upload results, click the Audience link on the side menu. Scroll down the page and locate the new audience. tinyEmail adds a Manual tag to the audience row.

Click the audience name to see a list of subscribers and engagement data once you start using the audience.

Uploading records to an existing audience

You can use the bulk import tool to import new subscribers to an existing manual audience. This is a useful feature if you don't want to create a new audience. Another use case is when you create a new audience, but the CSV file has some errors. You decide to import the records without errors (using the Upload Rows Without Errors button) and come back later to finish the import after updating the CSV file.

It's not possible to add subscribers to an audience with the Integration tag.

To upload to an existing manual audience:

  1. Open the Audience page.

  2. Locate an audience and click the three-dot icon.

  3. Select Add Subscribers.

The Bulk Add Customers page displays. Now, you can import subscribers with the bulk import tool and CSV (see above) or enter subscribers manually (click here to learn how).

That's it.

Your bulk import work is complete!

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