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How to Upgrade Your Plan
How to Upgrade Your Plan

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Upgrading your plan is simple. We do not lock you in based on the number of subscribers. You pay for the features you need and the volume of messages you want to send. Here's how.

Navigate to Plans and Billing

  1. Log in to tinyEmail.

  2. Go to the bottom left corner of the dashboard.

  3. Click Upgrade. A new window displays.

tinyEmail plan upgrade

Picking the right plan

The window shows three plans, including our fabulous Free plan. To explore paid plans:

  1. Go to the emails/month field and use the drop-down to select a monthly volume. The number changes the Pro and Standard plans.

  2. Switch the toggle to see monthly and yearly charges.

  3. Scroll through the features. Be sure to expand the folders to get the details.

  4. Once you've settled on a plan and email volume, click Select plan.

The Yearly payment plan saves you 20% compared to monthly billing.

Confirming billing information

Confirm the billing information, including your address. On the right, you'll see a summary of your charge and applicable taxes (if any). If you have a coupon, apply that here. If you did not set up a payment method earlier (or need to update details), click the Add new link.

When it all looks good, click the Pay now button. We'll send you a confirmation message when the change is complete.

tinyEmail plan upgrade check billing information

Two billing notes

  • To simplify record keeping, tinyEmail bills on the first of every month.

  • tinyEmail bills in a pro-rated format. This means that if you upgrade on any day other than the first of a month, you will be charged for the remainder of the days of the month according to your new plan.

Welcome to your new tinyEmail plan.

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