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Understanding your audience performance
Understanding your audience performance

Understand how your audience is growing and how well you are engaging with them.

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Your audience is at the core of your business and keeping a pulse on how it's growing and how well you are engaging with them is critical to your success. That is why we built audience performance metrics in a way that gives you an in-depth understanding at a glance. Let's see how you can do that.

Get audience growth summary at a glance

You can see the growth of your audience and understand how each of your audience sources is doing right from your dashboard once you log in to tinyEmail.

Know your audience composition

Go into your audience page from the left navigation panel to understand the basic composition of your entire audience. Here, you will see which sources make up for what percentage of your total audience, how my integrations you have live and how many audiences were built from manual uploads.

Dig deeper into an audience source

By clicking on any of the audiences listed in the previous step, you can find deeper details about the performance of a specific audience source. Here's a breakdown:

At the top of the metrics page, you can see the core metrics that define how an audience is performing and engaging with your content:

  • Subscribers: The number of subscribers you have in your audience

  • Open rate: What is the average open rate of this source

  • Click rate: What is the average click rate of this source

  • Unsubscribe rate: What percentage of this source unsubscribed from your emails.

Look into each individual subscriber's details:

In the audience breakdown table, you can see how an individual subscriber has engaged with your messages. Here, you can know:

  • Individual status of a subscriber - if the subscriber is still active (subscribed), bounced (if emails to this subscriber failed to deliver) or unsubscribed (if they do not want to hear from you again).

  • Opens and clicks: The number of times each subscriber has opened and clicked on your emails.

  • Update date: When the latest update to a particular subscriber was made.

Sort and export your data

You can sort your audience details table by most recently updated, most clicked or most opened and export your report in CSV format. We are constantly adding more ways to understand your audience and make better business decisions using reliable data. Stay tuned for more.

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