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Set up eCommerce stores with tinyEmail
Set up eCommerce stores with tinyEmail

A detailed guide on how set up your eCommerce storefronts with tinyEmail

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tinyEmail is designed to make your eCommerce messages effortless, engaging, and interactive. We've also made integrating your choice of eCommerce storefront with tinyEmail ridiculously easy.

tinyEmail integrates with all popular eCommerce platforms. Here's how you can set up the integrations.

Integrating tinyEmail with Shopify

If you are a Shopify customer, we have a guide for you. tinyEmail connects seamlessly with your Shopify account. Click to open the Shopify guide.

tinyEmails integrates with Shopify ecommerce store

For other eCommerce platforms, open a guide.

Integrate WooCommerce with tinyEmail

integrate tinyEmail with WooCommerce fill in form

Integrate Magento with tinyEmail

tinyEmail integrate with magento fil in form

Integrate Volusion with tinyEmail

tinyEmail integrate with Volusion and Zapier

We're constantly adding new integrations to tinyEmail.

If you use a tool and do not see it in our list of pre-built integrations. shoot us an email at [email protected], and we'll look right into it.

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