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Did you hear the news? Shopify store owners can install the tinyEmail native app for free.

It's called the Shopify Pro Plan. Get the details here.

Here are the steps:

1. Install the tinyEmail app

Log in to your Shopify store and navigate your way to the apps section from the dashboard. Use the search bar to find the tinyEmail app.

Alternatively, go to the Shopify app store and search for tinyEmail. Click Open and follow the steps to install the app.

install tinyEmail on your Shopify store

Once you see the confirmation prompt, click Install app. You will be asked to confirm tinyEmail's request to access your account and customer data. That is needed to populate your new account with subscribers and your business information.

click the install app button

2. Sign up or log in to your tinyEmail account

Click the tinyEmail app. If you do not have a tinyEmail account yet, sign up for one. Alternatively, log in to your account through the app window inside Shopify.

Read our guide on signing up for a tinyEmail account. ​

sign in to your tinyEmail account

3. Enable the native Shopify integration

If you are signing up, follow the onboarding steps to connect the tools you already use in your store. The first is Shopify itself.

It's easy. Switch on the toggle. That's all. The same process applies if you already have an account and you are logging in. Navigate to the Integrations tab inside tinyEmail and toggle the connect switch to on.

All your customer data and contact information gets synced automatically. You can also click on the refresh icon beside the connect switch to manually pull in data.

And that is it! You have successfully integrated your Shopify store with tinyEmail through the native app.

You can also do the same above stops without installing us via the Shopify app and instead use tinyEmail directly by logging in to The integration still works the same way.

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