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How to create a new email template πŸͺ„
How to create a new email template πŸͺ„

The easiest way to create email templates is here. Find out how you can build beautiful templates in just 3 minutes

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To say that creating an email template in tinyEmail is a breeze is an understatement. As marketers ourselves, we often found ourselves spending over 75% (yep, we timed and did a whole bunch of statistics on this as part of our product discovery exercise; for the like-minded nerds out there) of our time fiddling with email design tools than actually crafting meaningful messages for our audience.

That's why we built an email design workflow that for a lack of a better term, is a wholesome exercise. And it takes less time to create a template than it will take you to read this guide!

1. Picking your path β€” template flow or campaign flow

Login to tinyEmail and navigate your way to the dashboard. From here, you can go about creating an email template two ways β€” using the campaign creation flow or directly going into the template library.

If you want to work on an email template that you intend to send to your audience right away, we recommend the first option. But for the purpose of this guide, we'll focus on the template creation flow.

Click on the "Explore templates" button on the Templates Library card on your dashboard or on the "Templates" link on the sidebar.

2. Understanding and picking template types

Welcome to the Template Library. There are several different ways you can go from here. Let's go through the tabs:

  • Saved: As the name suggests, here's where your saved templates will reside.

  • Branded: Where the magic happens. Templates here are already tailored to your branding. Making things even easier.

  • Staff picks: Our own pick of the best templates in our library.

  • Basic: When simple is better. A chosen array of templates with all the basic build blocks of a message already in place. make it your own now.

  • Library: An ever-growing collection of beautiful, responsive templates that you can customize to your needs.

Click on see all to view all templates in a category

You can also apply tag filters to see templates of a specific kind like for eCommerce and promotions.

Let's start with creating a template from scratch. Click on Create template and choose the kind of template you'd like to build - using our Drag & Drop editor or importing your own code. Let's pick Drag & Drop editor.

3. Save your template

Once the template you picked is open, you can make as many edits to it as you'd like. Will cover the details on using our Drag & Drop email builder in the next guide. Once you are done editing, click on the Save button.

Note: tinyEmail autosaves your work so you can focus on your creative zen without the constant need to hit that save button (which is still there because we know it's nice to sometimes just click on the nice save button). You can now find your saved template under the "Saved" tab in your template library.

[PS: Do not forget to rename your template with something you can easily recognize later. Quite handy when you have a lot of templates in your library]

Next: Learn how to save time with General Settings for your email template.

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