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Fun fact about time allocation.

Before tinyEmail, we were spending about 75% of our email marketing time playing around with email design tools and 25% of the time crafting meaningful campaigns for our audience. That was an upsidedown allocation of our most important resource - time.

FYI We really did time our work and ran some stats as part of our product discovery exercise.

That's why we built an efficient email design workflow. Let me prove that point by showing you how to design an email with a template in a couple of minutes.

Opening the templates page

Click Templates on the sidebar.

click show all to see all tinyEmail templates

Welcome to the template library. Let's go through the tabs.

  • Saved - Your saved templates are here.

  • Staff picks - Our own picks of the best library templates.

  • Branded - Where the magic happens. These templates are tailored to your branding based on your settings in the Brand Kit.

  • Basic - When simple is better. An array of templates with the basic blocks of a message already in place.

  • Library - An ever-growing collection of beautiful, responsive templates that you can customize.

tinyEmail Templates with different categories like Branded

Adding filters

You can apply tag filters to see templates of a specific kind (e.g. e-commerce or promotions).

filter tinyEmail templates

Click the Filter button and then check one or more boxes in the popup.

select one or more tinyEmail templates

Creating a template

Let's create a template from scratch. Click Create template. The editor displays.

create a custom tinyEmail template

In the popup window, select the Drag & drop editor.

use the drag and drop template editor

Using the editor

Create any design you like on the canvas. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to try out new ideas. Rename your template with something you can easily recognize later.

tinyEmail autosaves your work so you can focus on your creative zen without the constant need to hit that save button. You can now find your template under the Saved tab in the template library.

Next steps

Our knowledge base has many guides that show you how to use the editor. Click to see a list of editor guides.

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