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How to set up integrations and audience sources
How to set up integrations and audience sources


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Audiences are at the centre of your tinyEmail experience. Your audiences are your customers, your brand advocates, your subscribers and your leads or prospects that you message to. Here's a guide on what are audiences and how they work in tinyEmail.

Here, we'll go through how to set up your audience sources and integrations. First, head up to your dashboard and from there, click on the Integrations section on your left-hand side menu.

On your Integrations page, you will find that you have listed some of the most popular integrations tinyEmail users work with every day. Pay special attention to the Email providers section where you can set up connectors between your existing provider to effortlessly migrate your data.

💡Based on the website that you provided us during singing up for tinyEmail, we provide you with a list of recommended integrations. These are tools you are already using on your website or storefront.

Once you have found the integration you would like to set up, click on the "+" icon next to the integration name and then click on the "Inactive" toggle to enter the setup wizard for that integration.

Next: Let's see how we can set up some of the most common integrations with tinyEmail.

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