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What are audiences and how they work
What are audiences and how they work
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Audiences are at the centre of your tinyEmail experience. They are who you message to — your subscribers, customers, prospects and fans. In most cases, tinyEmail automatically imports your audiences for you so do not have to deal with manual data imports. However, when you do need to, our AI-assisted data upload tool makes importing complex data a breeze.

Three types of audience — platform synced, imports, and integrations.

At tinyEmail, currently, there are three main types of audience — platform synced audience, audience from your data imports (uploads) and audience from third-party integrations. Let's take a look at each of them.

1. Native integrations

These audiences form the core of your messaging experience. We have built automatic connectors to platforms your business relies on every day. These include eCommerce stores like Shopify and WooCommerce, CRMs like Salesforce and ZohoCRM. CMS like WordPress and also migration connectors to other messaging platforms like MailChimp and ConstantContact.

These audiences sync automatically once every 24 hours and all you have to do is set up one-click connections with them.

2. Third-party integrations

tinyEmail connects with hundreds of apps and services through Zapier. These integrations are often instant trigger-based, meaning when you set up the connections between your chosen app and tinyEmail, your contacts and subscribers are synced almost instantly.

We have built convenient templates for many popular services out there so you can get up and running with your zaps in no time.

3. AI-Assisted manual uploads

Manual data imports just got a lot less manual. Our AI-assisted data uploads make the entire process of matching fields, removing duplicates and sniffing out wrongly formatted data completely automated saving you hours and sometimes days of time.

Our data importing wizard automatically detects data types and recommends a match even if you missed a header type. The wizard goes beyond just mapping; it's smart enough to know how to validate uploaded data on the fly so you don't have to do it manually yourself.

Cool things about audiences in tinyEmail that you should know

1. Your audiences update themselves

Once your audience sources are set up, you can rest back and focus on creating beautiful, personalized messages that drive engagement with your subscribers. Because the pipes keep running. As long as your integrations and platforms stay connected to tinyEmail, your data will keep getting automatically synced.

2. You can update and append to existing audiences

When you add a new audience through the manual upload process, you can keep adding to it and not have to create new audience lists each time. This will help keep your audiences organized and easier to navigate.

3. Migrations made super easy

We have built integrations with the most common email service providers and marketing automation tools to make migration of data really a one-click process. No more having to keep going back and forth between platforms and having to pay more services just so you can be sure your data has been migrated accurately.

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