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How to Set Up a New Sender Identity
How to Set Up a New Sender Identity

Send messages from personas that your audience will recognize.

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What is a sender identity?

A sender identity is the who in your subscribers' inboxes. It is the name that appears to be sending the message. Common identities are

Sender Identities can be used to strike a great brand connection with your subscribers. Pay attention to what your audience likes or expects from you and send messages from an identity that will most likely resonate with them.

Setting up a sender identity on tinyEmail

Your default sender identity is the email address and name you signed up on tinyEmail with. You can verify that information by clicking the account icon and selecting My Account.

click the tinyEmail account button

On the My Account page, select the Sender details tab.

select the sender details tab

Editing your default sender identity

To edit Sender Identity details, locate an identity and click the three-dot icon. Select Edit.

Any change you make to the email address must be verified in the confirmation email we send you.

add new sender identity details

Creating a new sender identity

You are restricted to one sender identity on a free plan. Upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy unlimited sender identities.

Click the Add sender button.

click the button to add a new sender

Add a new email address and fill out the form. Click the Make default checkbox to make this sender identity the default for future messages.

enter new sender details including a new email address


Check your inbox for a verification email from us. Click the link to verify you own the email address of the new sender identity.

verify that you own the email address

You are all set.

Once you verify the new sender identity, you can start sending campaigns from this email address.

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